• I will no longer work with a client without it.

  • This is the most exciting innovation in consulting in the last 20 years.

  • rewrote a policy handbook by committee in less than an hour where they had been protesting everything for months previously.

  • We’d tried this internally and with outside consultants - this effort has been an unqualified success.

  • The SchellingPoint approach accomplished in six weeks what normally takes us a year.

Introduction to SchellingPoint

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Helping consulting firms go digital

Strategy development, New Policies, Improving Processes, IT Implementations, Change Projects, Mergers & Acquisitions.

The subjects are the same as the last century, but client leaders seek 21st century value-add from their consulting firms. They expect to see the same (digital) innovation from you as they have seen in their own industries. By adding digital capabilities to your delivery process, you, as a management consultant, can further improve the outcome of your clients’ initiatives, scale your delivery with confidence and leverage new business models.

SchellingPoint’s mission is to work with management consulting firms to increase revenues and margins by providing the enabling technology for your primary process: delivery of a superb consulting product.

"I never want to run a strategy project again if I can't use the SchellingPoint software"